It's impossible to reach everyone in the world with a 30 day crowdfunding campaign. Many have asked how they can still support our efforts now that our Kickstarter has successfully closed. Good news! You can still make a pledge right here on our site!  Every dollar we receive helps make our concept short that much more exceptional; and when it is complete we will need funds for marketing as well. Please help us make our concept short as great as it can be. The more resources we have, the better it will turn out and right now, being candid, our budget is extremely tight.

In other words, we still need your help!

This site offers a fast and easy way to pledge securely with a credit card or Paypal and because our pledge options require no physical fulfillment, you are assured that every penny of your pledge will go toward inspiring the best cinematic production possible.

For larger pledges, please call (323) 389-5323 to arrange a wire transfer or other form of pledge delivery. This avoids the 3.5% credit card processing fee. We are honored to have your support. Thank you!